A Warm Up For Kettlebell Training

Warm Up For Kettlebell Training


Video Transcription



In this video, we’re going to prep our body for kettlebells with a simple, but useful warmup. We will integrate kettlebell halos with bootstrappers. Grab a light kettlebell.


It should not be heavy for this warm up. Perform a kettlebell halo where you grab the kettlebell by the horns and pass it around your head. This movement is great for shoulder health and it’s also a nice opener for our lats and chest.


Then, keeping the kettlebell close to you, get into a deep squat position. For some of you, rotating your feet outward would allow you to enter a deeper squat.


Then, [00:00:30] place the kettlebell briefly on the floor while you try to extend your legs. Here, we are working on dynamic hamstring flexibility and in the deep squat position, we’re working on ankle and hip mobility.


Here’s another variation, but without a kettlebell. In this version, we’re still performing bootstrappers. Once we get into a deep squat position, we are going to place one hand on the floor for support.


This arm will be close to our inner thigh. The opposite arm will rotate outward towards the ceiling. [00:01:00] Here, we are working on thoracic rotation. A common mistake is to hold your breath while you perform the movement.


Breathe out as you’re rotating. Then, once again, perform a bootstrapper before going to the other side to repeat the sequence.


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