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TRX Single Leg Roll Out


So Johan’s going to get in his single-leg position. One leg is up, and he’s going to roll out without letting his back arch here. He has pretty good lat flexibility, and his arm is almost close to his ear, that’s optimal. If you can’t do that, all good, don’t worry.


You want to make sure your hips are not shifting to one side. He’s on his toes with the foot that’s on the ground. Give me three more reps, Jo. Good. And he’s going to breathe out as he extends his body. Two more. Good.


He’s not arching here. Perfect. One more time. And stop. Good.


Now he’s going to the other side. Now before you go to the other side, what’s cool about the single-leg version, it’s going to challenge hip stability of the foot that’s on the ground. If both feet … This version’s awesome.


When you’re just doing with both feet on the ground, single-leg version, however is going to challenge a lot of hip stability. So go to the other side. You might see some awkward movement. In my case you will. Go ahead Jo.
So on this one, stay more on your toes, so put your foot further back. Put this foot a little more back, here, and stay on the ball of your feet. Go ahead. Breathe out here and go back. And the reason Jo stays right here, is because there’s still tension.


If he goes back, he stops tension. All right, Jo, keep going. Good, man. Good. Two more times. Nice back. One more time. Beautiful. Nice stretch here too.


So that’s core, abs, lower back, hip stability, lat flexibility. Pretty awesome. That is the TRX Single Leg Rollout.



TRX Knee Tuck (With 2 Second Pause)


This is the TRX Knee Tuck with two-second pause. Now before Jo starts with this one…


The reason I want to show this one is usually I see this one done very fast, very quick, mindless. We want to focus on control.


Two-seconds pause, you’re going to tuck your knees in as much as you can, underneath your chest, arms extended. You’re going to breathe out in that position. Don’t hold your breath throughout the whole movement, okay? No push up, just a plank position.


Arms are extended, his head position’s perfect, it’s not heavy. Get in your plank position. Bring your knees in, as much as you can. Two-second pause and go back without letting this arch. Perfect. Good, very good.


And he’s going to breathe out when the knees come in. Goo. Two more times. Bring your knees more in, more in, more in. That. Good. Go back. One more time. Two-second pause, one and two. Stop. Good, Joe. So again, the focus is on control and on that pause.


None of that quick stuff, right? That’s it.


TRX Standing Oblique Crunch


Now this one is a TRX Standing Oblique Crunch. Very difficult, very useful. So he’s going to put his right foot facing forward.


If you’re new to the movement, what you could do is you can have a space between both feet. If you’re a little bit more advanced, if you’re a lot fitter, then this will be …


This foot comes here. Bring this foot here, and this one in the back. So this, you’re going to align your feet together, which that requires more stability. So that’s more difficult for you, right?


And Jo is going to face this way. His hips are facing forward, his shoulders are facing forward. And do the movement. He’s going to bring his arms somewhat on top of him, he’s going to let his hip drop. That’s it. Nice stretch right here. Good.


And now pull, push here with this arm. Both arms are extended. He’s going to breathe out at the top position. Now go back down. Nice stretch here, nice stretch in the lats, and he’s going to pull this.


His obliques and his arms are across … Oh, no slack here. No slack. That’s it, so there’s always tension on the band. Keep doing that, Jo. Good. Keep going.


You notice—two more times—his hip is going towards the ground. Nice stretch here. Nice stretch.


Tension in the band throughout the whole movement. One more time. And the sole on the edge of his feet, and stop.




trx core workout





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