Workout Instructions


This workout consists of 6 exercises:


  • T-Push Ups: Upper body, core focus
  • Step Ups: Lower Body focus
  • Inverted Press: Upper body focus. You can do a standing overhead dumbbell press instead if this exercise is too difficult for you.
  • Single Leg Squats: Lower body focus
  • V-Ups: Core focus. If you can’t do V-Ups, then do reverse crunches.
  • Single Arm Plank: Core focus. Try not to shift your body towards one side, and don’t sag your hips. Separate your feet more to make it easier.

There are different versions for this workout. Pick one that is suitable for your fitness level.

  • Beginner: Complete 2 rounds and rest 60 seconds per exercises.
  • Intermediate: Complete 4 rounds and rest 30 seconds per exercises.
  • Advanced: Complete 6 rounds and rest 15 seconds per exercises.




Muscles Worked



I’ve already created a workout timer for you. Simply download it and import it to your workout timer app (for iPhones only).  Here’s a quick video I made showing you how to import it to the Seconds Pro App: Importing workout timers from my website. 


Unlike the workouts above, this workout is time based. This particular version will take you 13 minutes to complete. As you can see in the image below, the default number of sets is set at 3. You can of course increase the number of sets and thus extend the duration of the workout.





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