Ten workouts ranging from 5 minutes to 20 minute long.


What type of workouts are these?


These are bodyweight workouts that will be time-based. For some of these workouts you will need a jump rope, a mat, a bench or box to jump on, a suspension trainer like a TRX and a pull up bar.


Why time based workouts?


Time based workouts can be very useful. Here are some reasons why you should try them:


1. You can focus on your form and not worry about counting reps.


2. You know exactly (more or less) how long a particular set or workout will last.


3. You keep your muscles under tension for a longer period of time. This of course will increase the intensity of the exercise or workout.



General Workout Instructions:


The duration of these exercises will vary between 10-60 seconds long, 20 seconds being the mid range.


The rest periods will vary between 20-30 seconds.