Slideboard Core Exercises [Workout Included]



A slideboard is a piece of equipment that contains a smooth surface where you can perform all types of different exercises. Most gyms have them and if yours don’t you can get one at


I currently train a few clients at a particular gym that has a Lynx slideboard. I found this board to be very durable and it comes with pads for your feet, hands and knees. It is a pit pricey at $289.00 but it’s great quality.


With a slideboard you will…


  • Tap into muscles you are not use to using.
  • Add some fun variety to your current routine.
  • Perform friction-less movements like lateral lunges and mountain climbers.
Lynx Slideboard

Lynx Slideboard



If you don’t have access to a slideboard and still want to do some of the movements, you can use a polished wood floor with a small towel. This isn’t the best option but it certainly is an alternative.


In the following section I will only cover four of my favorite slideboard core exercises. Make sure to try the workouts at the end of this post.


If you’re looking for more great ideas try these slideboard exercises by Cori Lefkowith from Redefining Strength.


Slideboard Core Exercises

Slideboard Trunk Flexion & Extension




This is possibly my favorite exercise on this list. I used kettlebells as handles but you can also use a set of parallettes or yoga bricks. Shooting your legs through is the most difficult aspect of the movement. This portion does require significant strength from the trunk but most people will be limited by their lack of flexibility.


To make this part feasible, place a pair of yoga bricks vertically. This will increase the gap for your legs to shoot through.


To increase the intensity of the exercise, push your legs further out. Be aware that this will also require significant upper body strength.


Slideboard Plank With Rotation


slideboard plank with rotation

Start in a plank position and place a hand cloth underneath your hand. Then rotate your arm inward as seen in the image above without collapsing at your hips or lower back.


Then bring your arm across your body and push it to the other side of the slideboard. You’ll increase the intensity of the exercise by pushing your hand further out. Don’t worry about going fast, perform this movement with a slow and controlled pace.


Slideboard Push Ups to Flys


slideboard push ups to flys

If you can’t do 20 consecutive push ups with good form then this movement isn’t for you.


This movement will target your core, chest, triceps and shoulders. It will demand a significant amount of shoulder stability.


To start, get in a plank position with a hand cloth underneath both of your hands. Perform a push up and return to the top of the plank position. Then gradually shoot both of your arms to the side. There should be a soft bend at the elbows.


Again, make sure not to let your hips and lower back collapse.


Once you are ready bring your arms back in to the top of the push up position. This completes one rep.


Slideboard Push Ups to Single Arm Roll Out



slideboard push ups to single arm roll out

Here’s another push up variation.

To start, place yourself next to the slideboard with one hand inside and the other on the gym’s floor. Perform a push up and then roll out with the arm that is on the slideboard. Roll out as far as you can with great form.



Workout #1

  • 10x-  Slideboard Trunk Flexion & Extension
  • 10x- Slideboard Push Ups to Flys



Workout #2

  • 10x-  Slideboard Trunk Flexion & Extension
  • 8x/side- Slideboard Plank With Rotation
  • 10x- Slideboard Push Ups to Single Arm Roll Out



Workout #3

  • 20x-  Slideboard Trunk Flexion & Extension
  • 10x- Slideboard Push Ups to Single Arm Roll Out







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