sit throughs

Do Sit Throughs for Core Strength, Stability and Mobility.

From a glance, a sit through looks like something out of the capoeira discipline. Maybe even a break dancing move.


Yes, you’ll use your abs with this movement but there’s so much more to it. You’ll work and improve on hip mobility, shoulder stability and hip flexor and oblique strength.


You can use these movements as a part of warm up or as part of a core routine.


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Sit throughs

Kettlebell Sit Throughs


[Video Transcription]

In this video, we’re going to take a look at a sit through with a kettlebell. Pick up the kettlebell with two hands. Bring it towards your chest into the rack position. You want to press.


One quick tip here, keep your arm, keep your bicep next to your ear, okay? You don’t want to keep it out there because you lose control. Close to your head. Go into a mini lunge, okay? .Find the ground with your hand.


You’re gonna shoot your hip out away using your obliques. This move is pretty cool. One arm, one shoulder is going to stabilize. This one here is also going to stabilize- a weight here, and this one, your body.


Sit through. Don’t let this weight deviate towards the side. You want to make it easier, stop tension throughout your core and the hip flexors. Stop here.


If not, leave your legs up. Come up again. Repeat that rep again, find the ground with your hand. One thing that’s really important is you don’t want to bend sideways.


Shoot your hip out away to allow you to go down to the side. Sit through. Don’t collapse your shoulder.


Control here too. Into a mini lunge. Stand up. And that’s your kettlebell sit through.

Bodyweight Sit Throughs




[Video Transcription]

Doing crunches on the floor are okay, but you aren’t burning enough calories because you are laying down.


In this exercise not only will you use your core, but you will also open up your hips, and burn more calories because you’re loading important joints, something you don’t achieve laying down.


This movement is very similar to a movement in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu called sit outs. You’re going to start out in a plank position, bring one foot out close to your hand, then you’re going to bring that trail leg through in front of your body.


Try not to let the leg touch the floor as it is coming through. Then reverse the movement, bringing the shooting leg back behind you again. The hand that is next to the foot is the only hand that moves.


The opposite hand does not throughout any portion of the exercise. Make sure to exhale as you’re shooting your leg through. This movement might look simple but it’ll get you working hard in no time.


Sit Through Circuit


  • Kettlebell Sit Throughs- 10x/side
  • Bodyweight Sit Throughs- 8x/side



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