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Pike Push Ups


[Video Transcription]


I’m going to show you a pike push-up, somewhat difficult version of a standard push-up, okay. Let me show you how it looks. You basically look like a inverted V.


You come to this, shoot your head through your arm, and push away.


Now, what this angle does, is it requires a lot more from your shoulders, a lot, [no_highlight background_color=”yellow” color=”black”][00:00:30][/no_highlight] lot more. If this is not enough for you, simple tweak the angle.


You’re going to see me putting my hands closer to my feet, and making my upper body a lot heavier, so you need a lot more strength. It looks like this.


All right, so also, what you want to be aware of is your elbow positioning. Now, doing this here, like this, on the floor, is optimal for your shoulder.


It’s [no_highlight background_color=”yellow” color=”black”][00:01:00][/no_highlight] not going to give you shoulder impingement. You’re going to use a lot more tricep. But, play around between here and here, because here gets a lot more chest, here more tricep, but this is really bad.


You don’t want to do this, okay. Let me show you one more time. Let me show you from this angle. Head between my shoulders.


My elbows are not here, no, no, no, no, no.


My elbows are facing behind me.


Tap, go up. Tap, go up, Tap go up.


[no_highlight background_color=”yellow” color=”black”][00:01:30][/no_highlight] You want to make it even harder? Get up and put a box, or some steps, and more of an inclined version, or again, tweak the angle. It looks like this, right. That, my friends, is the inverted push-up.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]