Mobility Flow: Lizard Pose & Crab Reach Combo

Mobility Flow


In this article we’re going to take a look at two exercises that come from two different training disciplines or styles; the Lizard Pose and the Crab Reach.


The Lizard Pose is a fantastic pose done in yoga to open up the hips and stretch the inner thigh as well as the hamstrings. However, a pose means that you would stay static in place. No movement.


Not in this variation.


In this variation we are going to add movement because we want to turn this pose into a mobility flow or drill. 


The Crab Reach is a movement that I’ve taken from the Animal Flow bodyweight system. It’s a fantastic movement to open up the chest and hips.


Watch the whole breakdown here.




How To Do The Lizard Pose With Thoracic Rotation

Lizard Pose


  • Start in a plank position.
  • Then place your right foot outside of your right hand.
  • Place your right forearm on the ground. Briefly pause at this position. In a traditional lizard pose, both forearms are on the ground, but in this modification the right arm becomes free once more and rotates towards the ceiling.
  • Make sure your eyes follow your hand as your arm moves upward. We want the neck mobility benefits of this movement as well.
  • Then return your right hand inside of your right foot. Place your right foot back to the top of the plank position and then continue the sequence in the other side.




How To Do The Crab Reach

  • Start in a static crab position. Your fingers are pointing away from your body. Make sure to spread your fingers.
  • Your hips are about an inch away from the ground. The distance between your butt and your hands, and your butt and your feet should be about the same.
  • Then start by reaching one arm up and over towards the ground, slightly bending your arm.
  • Push your hips as high as you can and look towards the ground.
  • This movement activates your posterior chain (your entire back side), targeting your back’s extensors, glutes and triceps.
  • It lengthens your anterior side, opening up your hips and improving thoracic extension.


Putting it all together



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