Lower Body Exercise: Skaters With A Mini-Band

Skaters With A Mini-Band


This a lower body exercise that doesn’t get enough love.


The skaters with a mini-band will help strengthen the hips and glutes. It also targets a good portion of your quads.


But there’s more to it.


This exercise also provides tremendous ankle stability benefits that can carry over to runners and just about anyone that is serious about improving their lower body performance.


You can also integrate this exercise into a lower body strength circuit. It will get your heart pumping in just a few hops.


Even if you don’t practice any sports or if you don’t consider yourself an athlete, this exercise can really help prevent injuries as well.



The original version of this exercise does not require a mini-band.


However, the purpose of using the bands in this variation is to challenge the muscles of the hips.



You can grab these mini-bands from Amazon.com: Mini-Bands


To get the most of this exercise do the following:

  • Make sure to land softly. Try not to make a lot of noise as your foot hits the ground and keep a soft bend at the knee.
  • Pause briefly when you land.
  • DO NOT ALLOW the bands to bring your legs in together. Your legs should never touch each other.
  • Use your arms to help you with the rhythm of the movement.
  • The leg that is behind you in the air does not touch the ground.



How to increase the intensity of the exercise:

Once you feel comfortable with the movement you can do a couple of things.


You can jump faster, but you still want to pause briefly when you land.


You can use a band that has more tension. Remember, part of the task of this movement is to engage the muscles of the hips and to push the bands out throughout the exercise.


And finally, you perform broader jumps.




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