?? Kettlebell Rotational Clean | Videos and Workouts Included


In this version of a kettlebell clean we are simply adding some rotation to the movement. However, we can’t go as heavy in this exercise because we won’t have enough assistance from the hips because we aren’t performing a hip extension.


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This is also a great exercise for the shoulder complex. We are producing force in a manner we normally don’t. We do movements projecting forward (in the sagittal plane) with exercises like the traditional clean or dumbbell front raises but almost never in the transverse plane (rotation).






Your core will be engaged as well. You have to maintain a rigid torso when the kettlebell travels back towards you.




Tips on how to do the kettlebell rotational clean:


  • Make sure to not let your arm disconnect from your shoulder when you are pushing/throwing the kettlebell away from your body.


  • The movement looks very similar to a boxing “upper cut”. Keep the kettlebell close to your body.


  • The further away the kettlebell is from you, the less control you’ll have of it.


  • Think of bracing your torso for a punch as the kettlebell is coming back towards you. Kettlebell cleans require a smooth absorption.







Now let’s have a little bit of fun…


In the first segment of the video I’ll show you how to do a rotational clean to a press. 


In the second segment, I’ll show you how to do float swings. These particular kettlebell swings are great for eye coordination and they will also tax your forearms and grip strength. (That part of the video starts at 1:40)


Don’t try these if you don’t know how to do a regular single arm kettlebell swing.





Workout #1





Workout #2





Workout #3



Rest 20 seconds between movements and sets.






kettlebell armap



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