Kettlebell Flow- Advanced [Video]

Kettlebell Flow


This is a great little flow that combines power, strength, mobility, flexibility, and stability. You can grab a light kettlebell and use this flow as a warm up. It really deconstructs our every day, common postures by requires us to get into complicated positions.


These positions require deliberate focus and control.


You can also grab a heavier kettlebell and use this sequence as a workout. You’ll feel this all through out your core.



Step #1- Snatch to Corkscrew Windmill


You’re going to start off with a powerful snatch. You’re then going to get into a corkscrew windmill. Keeping your knees soft and looking up at the kettlebell the entire time.


Reach for the floor with your fingers and start rotating towards the ground. You can place your knee on the ground if you wish. Start rotating back to the top position, shooting your hips back and this will give you a nicer looking spine.


Step #2- Turkish Get-Down t0 Bridge Press Up


Pause briefly at the top and go into a Turkish get-down. Place your knees on the ground. Look for the floor with your hand. You still want to be looking up at the kettlebell throughout this entire time.


At the bridge position, you want to push into the ground with the hand that’s on the floor. This will make you more stable. As you’re pressing, tuck in your elbow just a bit at the bottom position for a safer press.


Step #4- Bridge Press up to Floor



Then continue going to the ground. No quick jerky movements here. Certain aspects of this flow is about power- that’s the snatch portion of the exercise. But in this little piece we are focusing on deliberate control.


It is important to keep a straight arm and you want to keep looking at the kettlebell on top of you. You want to be aware of it throughout the entire flow.



Step #5- The Arm Bar


We then move on to my favorite part of the flow with the arm bar. The arm bar is a very useful tool that provides a nice stretch to our chest while working on thoracic extension and shoulder stability. A lot of shoulder stability.


Your shoulder will thank you for this part. It feels great.


You want to maintain a vertical arm, punching through the kettlebell. Rotate your hip towards the ground. You should aim to place your hip bone as close to the ground as possible. Of course, without losing any control.


Make sure you’re breathing out. Don’t hold your breath. That’s very common. You want to try to elongate your chest as much as possible. Place the opposite arm vertically on the ground, opening up. This will provide a nice stretch on your lat.


Try the following part of the flow if you need a little extra:


You eventually want to look down and allow your proprioception to control the kettlebell on top of you. I love this part. Pause briefly and feel that awesome sensation of the kettlebell pulling you back while you keep your control.


Alright, now it’s time to reverse the movement.


Step #6- Turkish Get-Up

The Turkish Get-Up is a movement that is not done enough in my opinion. If you want a breakdown of the movement, click here.




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