Kettlebell Complex with 2 Kettlebells [Advanced]

Kettlebell Complex


A workout complex consists of using 2 or more exercises together to form a seamless routine. You should use the same training tool for all the exercises, in this case, a kettlebell. And ideally you don’t put the kettlebell down until you are done with the prescribed reps or sets.


The following complexes have a common pattern to them. Each workout complex consists of three exercises; the first one is a lower body dominant exercise and the following one is a conditioning exercise. And finally the third one is a upper body dominant movement.


In order to do these workouts you MUST know how to use kettlebells, especially two at once. 


Benefits of Complexes


  • Complexes involve many muscles groups to come into play.
  • They are time efficient. You won’t spend an hour doing complexes.
  • Done well, complexes create an oxygen debt that can further increase calories burned after you are done with your workout. For this reason, complexes are extremely effective for fat loss.


A workout complex looks something like this…



Complex #1

  • Front Rack Lunge- 10x/side
  • Cleans- 15x
  • Overhead Press- 10x



Rest 2 minutes between movements and sets.


Note: Do reverse lunges and places the kettlebells at your sides if the front rack lunges are too difficult for you. Be careful with the double kettlebell clean on the way down.


Slightly turn your hands inward as the kettlebells go underneath you, this way the kettlebells are less likely to hit your knees.



Complex #2

  • Front Squats- 10x
  • Swings- 10x
  • Bent Over Rows- 12x



Rest 2 minutes between movements and sets.



How to Progress This Complex


So as you’ve probably already noticed, these complexes are tough. You’ll have two minutes to rest between sets but let’s look at a few options on how to increase the demands of this workout.


  • Let’s say you were doing this workout twice a week for a month. The first two weeks you can use two 24 lb kettlebells and the last two weeks you opt to use two 32 lb kettlebells.
  • The circuits call to rest 2 minutes between sets. Decrease the rest periods by 10 second every time you do the workout.
  • Do 4 sets instead of 3 after a few weeks of doing this workout.



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