The Best Interval Training App To Power Your Workouts

Interval Training App


This isn’t an article on the best interval training apps. You won’t see a list here. That won’t be necessary because I believe I found the best one.


I’ve been using the Seconds Pro App for a couple of years now. I use it with my own clients, in my boot camp classes and I even in my own workouts. It has a very user-friendly interface with tons of useful features. Here are some of my favorite ones:


  • You can create folders for your workouts. For example, I create workouts based on categories like training protocols, equipment selection, specific body parts and muscle groups and even duration. The folders allow you to keep your workouts organized in once place.
  • You can use your own music with the app. I leave mine playing in the background. I sometimes even listen to a podcast and the app simply reminds me when my next set is up.
  • You have the option to use it’s text-to-speech feature. I absolutely love this feature. The app will announce the name of your exercises with clear pronunciation. You can even program it to let you know when you’re half way done with a set.
  • You can share your workouts with a friend. They don’t even have to have the app. They can simply use the online version, which is free.



Here are some examples on how the Seconds Pro App can be very useful:


Scenario 1:


Let’s say you’re in the middle of a set that includes kettlebell swings for 20 seconds. How would you know much time you have left for that current exercise? You can’t look at your watch while you’re in the middle of that movement.


You can simply place your phone in the floor in front of you and you can see how much time you have left. Or better yet, you can take advantage of the text-to-speech feature and you can connect a pair of bluetooth earphones to your mobile device and receive the instructions and alerts via your earphones.


Scenario 2:


Suppose you found a workout somewhere on the internet you wish to do. However, the duration of the workout or exercises are too much for you because you are not as conditioned. With the Seconds Pro App you can easily customize a workout’s parameters by reducing the rest periods or switching around the orders of the exercises.



Benefits of Using Interval Timers:

  • It allows you to stay focused on your workout.
  • It makes you hyper-aware of your rest periods.

We live in the midst of a constantly distracted world filled with recurring notifications and alerts. We live in times where companies and brands are battling to get our attention. Perhaps you welcome these constant interruptions.


But do you really want to be distracted in the middle of a training session?


Rest periods is a variable of training that is often over looked.


Some of you wish to lose more body fat. Your workouts already contain meaningful exercises but perhaps you are resting too long between sets. Adhering to a specific work/rest ratios can provide new stimulus to your training sessions.




How to Share Your Workout Timers

Sharing your workout timers is easy. You simply select the timer you wish to share and swipe left. This will bring out a share option. The person that receives the generated link can use the timer via their mobile phone’s browser or they can import it to their Seconds Pro App.


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Seconds Pro Interval Timers


In the following section I will show you some sample interval timers that I have created using different training tools. Use the online version or download the timers into your Seconds Pro App.


Feel free to adjust the training parameters to suit your fitness level and /or goals.


Barbell Interval Timer





Rest 60 seconds between exercises. Total Workout duration is 20:15. 


Workout Timer:


OR import the timer to your phone


Barbell Interval Timer







Dumbbell Interval Timer





Rest 15 seconds between exercises and 60 seconds between sets. Total Workout duration is 15:18. Since the rest period is relatively low, you will have to use weight(s) that are not that heavy.


Workout Timer:


OR import the timer to your phone


Dumbbell Interval Timer





Kettlebell Interval Timer



Rest 20 seconds between movements , but 60 seconds between sets.


Workout Timer:


OR import the timer to your phone


Kettlebell Interval Timer



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