How to Workout Your Chest At Home (without weights)


In this post we are going to take a look at how to effectively train your chest at home. The beauty of the following approach is that it’s remarkably simple to implement. It is simple, but it’s going to require considerable effort from your part. You are going to need either a resistance training band or a training vest. Ideally both.


You can get some of these items at your local sports equipment store. However, here are some options from that I recommend. If you’re lucky, your gym might already have some of these items.




The Exercises

The following exercises will revolve around the push up. If you are not sold yet on the benefits of the push up then please take the time to read my post, “Why You Should Do Push Ups For The Rest Of Your Life


Can you develop a strong looking chest at home with just push ups? Sure you can. However, you will plateau. You will eventually adapt to the exercise and will need a fresh approach. A new training stimulus.

Push Ups with Resistance Bands

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The first exercise is a push up with bands. The band can add anywhere between 20-35 lbs of additional resistance.


There’s two different areas where you can place the band, across your upper back or lower back. If you place it across your lower back this will increase the intensity through out the abs.


Push Ups with A Training Vest

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Training with a training vest can also be extremely challenging. Though it is more costly, you can use it for other exercises as well, such as pull ups or dips.


Eccentric Push Ups

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Perhaps the simplest to implement, the eccentric push up can be deceivingly demanding. All you have to do is lower yourself under control for a few seconds. I have laid out how long you should go down for in the attached PDF in the next section.


Pike Push Ups

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Here’s a bonus exercise for you. The pike push up is basically an altered push up. You’re going to place your body into an inverted V shape.


Stick your head between your arms and make you sure you are looking at your feet and not forward as you perform the exercise. Make sure your elbows aren’t flaring out either. This angle will put more emphasis on your shoulders, triceps and the upper region of your pectorals.


Download Workout PDF




Juan Lugo