Here’s how one of my workouts looks like…


In an ideal workout, I would include a strength training portion and a conditioning portion. Everyone has their own definition of what it means to be fit.


For me it would include being strong but also having the ability to increase work capacity by using different training protocols, sequences and combinations.


In this post I will walk you through the last workout I did in 2o17. The warm up, the strength portion and conditioning portion.


The Warm Up



  1. Beast Wave– The beast wave is a movement from the animalflow bodyweight system that allow us to wake up the spine. This movements feels better than it looks.
  2. Shoulder Mobility With Bands– This is a fantastic movement to warm up the shoulders and open up the chest.
  3. Mace 360s- This one is a bit of an advanced shoulder mobility exercise that is done with a steel mace. Shoulder health is crucial to any person especially to those of us that sit in front of a computer for hours.
  4. Jump Rope- Jumping rope is a great way to pump blood throughout the body. You can jump rope before or even during a workout.
  5. Chest Activation with Bands–  I used this exercise to wake up the muscles of the chest and triceps.
  6. Band Pull Aparts- With band pull aparts we are engaging our upper back muscles. Muscles like the rhomboids and the external rotators of the shoulder.




The Strength Portion


Here i’m doing two staple upper body strength exercises; the pull up and the dip. One focuses on pushing and the other one on pulling. The dip is a classic exercise that develops raw strength but it does come with a bit of caveat. It can really take a toll on your shoulders.


So if you don’t have the best shoulder health or if you have poor posture, then perhaps opting for another upper body exercise can be more beneficial.


I performed five repetitions of each exercise five times. These are controlled reps. No jerky movements.

If you can’t do pull ups or dips, try pull ups with bands or rings rows and push ups.


The Conditioning Portion



The focus of this circuit was to push my anaerobic cardiovascular fitness up the roof. This was a hard circuit.


If you want to partake in this circuit you’re going to need special training equipment like the assault bike and c2 rower machine. If you don’t have a c2 rower machine then use another rower.


If you don’t have access to an assault bike do another metabolically demanding movement like mountain climbers, burpees or battle ropes.



Juan Lugo