Advanced Kettlebell Training: Half Kneeling Windmill to High Bridge

Half Kneeling Windmill to High Bridge


This movement got me really sore.


And I only did two sets of it. 


I extracted a piece of the Turkish Get-Up exercise to create this movement sequence.


(Here’s a look at the original Half Kneeling Windmill.)


The Half Kneeling Windmill to High Bridge is a fantastic exercise that will challenge your entire body. You will work on core strength, shoulder and hip stability, flexbility and mobility. There’s tons going on.


Here’s the movement in action.





Step 1:

Half Kneeling


  • You will start by placing yourself in a half kneeling position. Hold a kettlebell on top of you with your arm close to your head. Make sure you are looking up at the kettlebell throughout the whole movement.
  • Rotate your trunk towards the ground and place your forearm on the floor. If you don’t have the flexibility to do this part, then placing your hand instead will be just fine.



Step 2:

High Bridge


  • Remove your forearm from the ground and place your hand to the side. You don’t want to place your arm too far back.
  • Once your hand is on the floor, shoot the back leg through. This will put you in the high bridge position.




Step 3:


  • Now it’s time to reverse the movement.
  • Retract your extended leg and place your knee underneath you.



Step 4:

  • Push yourself away from the ground to go back to the half kneeling position.
  • You’re now at the beginning of the exercise. Pause briefly here and repeat it again.


An Advanced Core Exercise


I would recommend trying this exercise without a kettlebell at first. Even without the kettlebell, this movement can serve as a fantastic mobility/flexibility drill.


I personally like to go heavy with this exercise so that I can really feel my obliques firing.I usually use a kettlebell anywhere between 40-50 lbs.


Get comfortable with the movement first and then go heavier. Best of luck



The “Standard” Half Kneeling Windmill

[arve url=”” align=”center” thumbnail=”56319″ title=”Half Kneeling windmill” description=”Challenge your entire core and improve shoulder and hip stability with the half kneeling windmill.” upload_date=”01/07/2015″ maxwidth=”560″ /]





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