3 Dynamic Movements You Can Do with A Kettlebell [Advanced]


The basics of kettlebell training can provide a foundation for more complicated and dynamic exercises. If you are comfortable using kettlebells then I invite you to explore the following three exercises.


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Let’s jump right in.



Kettlebell Lunge Chop

Kettlebell Lunge Chop



The kettlebell lunge chop is a dynamic movement that targets your lower body, core and works on shoulder mobility.


You want to bring the kettlebell over your shoulder, then lunge and chop at the bottom position. Keep the kettlebell close to your body, so you will have more control of it.


Make sure to exhale at the bottom position. The forward lunge requires you to decelerate with the front leg and this can be hard for some. If the forward lunge is too difficult for you, then the reverse lunge will be a better option.


Double Bottoms-Up Front Squat


Double Bottoms-Up Front Squat



The double bottoms upfront squat is a great exercise to integrate your lower body with your core. This movement requires a lot of control and focus.


You’re going to place the kettlebells in front of you at the bottoms up position. This will also challenge your forearm and grip strength as well.


You want to squat with control, and you want to exhale as you go up.



Unilateral Skier Kettlebell Swings

Unilateral Kettlebell Skier Swing



The unilateral skier swing is a very advanced exercise. You’re still going to hinge at your hips to produce force to move the kettlebell. You want to be careful not to hit the lateral aspect of your knee as you perform the movement.


This movement will also challenge your core due to its anti-rotation component, since you’re only using one limb at a time. Don’t let your arm come out of its shoulder socket at the top position and make sure to breathe out.




  • Double Bottoms-Up Front Squat-10x
  • Kettlebell Lunge Chop- 10x/side
  • Unilateral Skier Kettlebell Swings- 15x/side



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