Workout Instructions


Perform these 4 exercises in order, starting from top and moving clockwise.


  • Option 1: Do 30 reps on Round 1, 20 reps on Round 2 and 10 reps on Round 3.  Increase the weight after each round. Rest 60 seconds but only between rounds.
  • Option 2: Do 10 reps on Round 1, 10 reps on Round 2 and 10 reps on Round 3.  Use a moderately heavy weight throughout the workout and rest 30 seconds between exercises.
  • Option 3: Do only 2 rounds and perform 15 reps per movement. Don’t rest between sets and exercises.



Here’s Option 4. You’re going to need a timer for this one. You’re going to do each exercise 3 times and perform 30 seconds of each exercise. Also, you will have 60 seconds to rest between exercises.


So it will look like this..





This is perhaps the most intense variation. You’re going to alternate between lower body and upper body exercises. If the single arm plank row is too difficult for you then you can do the single arm bench rows (there’s less core involvement in this one).


Some of you might not be use to doing an exercise for 30 seconds. That being said, you want to use a weight that will allow you to complete each movement for the prescribed duration. If your form starts to break down then grab lighter weights.



Muscles Worked



I’ve already created a workout timer for you. Simply download it and import it to your workout timer app (for iPhones only).  Here’s a quick video I made showing you how to import it to the Seconds Pro App: Importing workout timers from my website. 



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