Extreme 8 Minute Bodyweight Workout

Extreme 8 Minute Bodyweight Workout- Total Body


This is a tough one. You’ll be working hard, giving it all you got with just 8 minutes of your time. You’ll spend more time actually working out than most people do in one hour at the gym.


Some of these exercises are advanced but not to worry, I’ll have alternative suggestions just incase you still want to do the workout but can’t do the prescribed movements.


The following is the main version. You will do this workout 3x, meaning you will complete each movement three times and you will rest only 15 seconds between exercises.


Intermediate Version





I’ve already created a workout timer for you (for the extreme version only). Simply download it and import it to your workout timer app (some workout timer apps don’t have importing options).  Here’s a quick video I made showing you how to import it to the Seconds Pro App: Importing workout timers from my website. 







Juan Lugo