15 Minute EMOM with Gymnastic Rings


15 Minute EMOM


This EMOM is for experienced and conditioned individuals. You’re going to need a pair of gymnastic rings. If you don’t own or have access to a pair, then you can also use any suspension trainer you wish, like the TRX or Monkii Bars.


Using gymnastic rings allows us to not only work on the targeted muscle or muscle groups, but it allows to strengthen the tiny but important stabilizing muscles found in the shoulder girdle.


It’s not enough just to make our chest, triceps and shoulders strong. Ideally we should also work on upper body stability and mobility, that way we can stay injury free and produce clean and efficient movements.


Working with gymnastic rings also allows us to work through a full range of motion. A perfect example of this is when you perform push ups on the rings. You’re able to lower yourself to a point not possible if you were fixed doing them on the ground.


This type of training can also be considered unstable training. You’ll get more of a benefit if you master resistance training exercises on stable environments first, and then transfer those skills to unstable ones.


The Goal of The Workout

The goal of this particular EMOM is to improve upper body strength, as well shoulder and core stability.


The Exercises:


  • 10 Ring Dips
  • 10 Ring Push Ups
  • 10 Ring Flyes


This a 15 minute circuit that needs to be completed five times. If you complete each exercise with 10 reps within the allotted minute, then you will complete 50 reps for each movement.


All these movements will mainly target your chest, abs and triceps. You will be surprised on how much they target your abs. These types of movements are my favorite type of core exercises because they allow you to target the core and other important muscles at the same time.


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Ring Dips

I placed the ring dips at the beginning of the workout since it is the most demanding movement of all three. You want to make sure you keep your arms close to your body through the entire movement. You do not want to perform ring dips with haste.


Every rep should be controlled and your shoulders should come in contact with the rings at the bottom position.


Think of pushing yourself away from the handles. You don’t want to collapse at your shoulders like this:


Ring Push Ups

Out of all the three movements the ring push ups should feel more natural. I strongly believe that if you can’t produce great quality push ups, then you probably aren’t ready for push ups on rings.


One way to regress this exercise is by simply raising the angle of the handles. This way you will use less bodyweight, or less resistance. This is another reason why gymnastic rings are so ideal. You are able to progress or regress an exercise by simply tweaking the angle.


So let’s say you were in the 4th round of this EMOM but you start to fatigue at your ring push ups, instead of stopping all together, simply raise the height of the rings to reduce the resistance of the exercise.


Another reason why I like working with rings, especially as it pertains to push ups, is because it allows your scapula to move freely as opposed to being stuck on a bench.


I’m not saying bench pressing is a bad idea (well, depending on your shoulder health, posture, etc), I’m just saying that if you can perform them, ring push ups are an extremely viable option to strengthen and develop the same muscles that are targeted with the bench press.


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Ring Chest Flyes


Like the previous exercises, chest flyes on rings should be performed with control. You’re going to get in a push up position and instead of bending your elbows to lower yourself, you will open up your arms horizontally.


Make sure you don’t sag at your hips. You need to control your spine as well, and you want to keep a soft bend at the elbows. It is not necessary to completely open your arms. Doing so might cause you to lose control and cause injury to your shoulder.


To come back up from the bottom position, simply adduct or bring your arms together towards the midline of your body.



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Juan Lugo