HIIT Workouts have one goal: to create a metabolic effect that is ideal for fat loss.


The bad news is that some HIIT workouts are tough to do, the good news is that they are usually very short in duration.


Ask yourself this, if your goal is to lose body fat would you rather spend 60 minutes in the gym? Or 10-15 minutes?


Most people equate duration with effectiveness. But effort and intensity are more important to see significant results from your training sessions.



Lower body focused


All the workouts in this challenge are full body workouts. The more muscle tissue you activate in your training sessions, the better the hormonal response.


Performing workouts that only target small muscle areas are not efficient for fat loss.


This challenge is geared towards women, so we will be concentrating on the lower body.




How to make the workouts easier or more difficult:


I have structured these workouts to last anywhere between 8-10 minutes (the shortest being 7 minutes and 40 seconds long).


Some workouts need to be completed 3 times, other 4 times. Also, rest periods will vary between 20-25 seconds in between exercises.



If you wish to make a specific workout more intense do this:


  • Decrease rest periods between exercises
  • Use heavier weights
  • Complete additional rounds


If you wish to make a specific workout less intense do this:


  • Move with more control. Don’t go as fast
  • Use less weights
  • If you have an exercise like dumbbell step ups, do step ups without the dumbbells
  • Increase the time you rest between exercises