3 Workouts Every Week

This Beginner 4 Week series is ideal for someone that is starting out with high intensity workouts for fat loss.


There are 12 workouts in this series and each workout is just under 10 minutes long.


Since these are time-based workouts you will need to use a timer. You can use your watch, phone or even a interval timer device or app you can program yourself.


You’ll be combining strength training exercises with some traditional bodyweight cardio exercises like jumping jacks, high knees and even push ups.


When you sign up, I’ll e-mail you 3 workouts every week for a month.


Some of these workouts will require special equipment like:


  • a bench
  • battle rope
  • a cable machine (or access to tubing resistance bands)
  • medball
  • swiss ball


Why just 10 minutes?


Ten minutes makes almost any workout manageable.   Ten minutes of carefully selected exercises, work and rest periods is a far better approach then just going for a random jog or elliptical machine session.


This workout series will let you:


✔️ Complete a total body routine in 10 minutes.

✔️ Exercises suitable for most beginners.

✔️ Exercises will be anywhere from 15-60 seconds in duration.

✔️ Rest between 20-30 seconds between exercises.

✔️ Each workout has 5 exercises